The third trimester of a local woman’s pregnancy appears a lot more beautiful through the lenses of a professional photographer’s camera, it has been confirmed.

The expectant father, Chris says the photo shoot took place while visiting the beach for the first time since he knocked up his girlfriend Gracie in October.

“The photographer was recommended to us. She was just really good at capturing a side of this pregnancy that didn’t show the swollen ankles and mood swings”

“Looking at these photos, you wouldn’t be able to tell that Gracie is essentially running to and from the toilet 18 times a day. She literally ate a whole tube of cookie dough minutes before we started setting up”

Another side of the third trimester that isn’t shown explicitly through these pictures is the living arrangements. Despite owning a home together, the couple have essentially moved into Gracie’s parent’s house – to relish in the extra help during the final stages of possible the most dramatic pregnancy in her entire family tree

Local man, Scotty, who used to have a thing for Gracie, says he has been liking these maternity photos of Facebook for fear of looking like someone who doesn’t care about their ‘journey’.

“Like, most people get to see what a pregnancy looks like at some point in their lives. Whether it’s their own, or someone close to them…”

“I don’t think Gracie and Chris are kidding anyone with this whole natural-barefoot-crown-of-flowers thing”

Only minutes after the photos were emailed back to her, Gracie began the two and a half day journey deciding on what her favorite photograph was.

After eventually posting three separate photos to social media with the caption of “Life’s most precious gift” – Gracie was disappointed to only pull in 220 likes. Most coming from people she worked with.


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