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The buzz phrase down at the Eastern Suburbs Dolphins this year is simple – One Club, One Goal.

The hope being that with its repetition at every training session and game day and plastering it across social media, all players at the club will “pull their weight around the place.”

However, first grader Josh Scott has no intention whatsoever of getting down early and helping out around the club.

“Mate, you’re having a laugh if you reckon I’m gonna get down there to help set up, cheer on 4th grade or lend a hand in the canteen,” says the club veteran.

The fringe first grader who was starting seconds until the regular fly half got injured reckons he is a fucking asset to this club, and said that they should be grateful he is around rather than making him do all this shit around the place.

Club Life Member Sam Wykes, who gets down around 9am every Saturday to do all the bits and pieces at the clubhouse says it would good if some of the superstar first graders did lend a hand, rather than just trash the change rooms and get straight on the beers after their game.

“Yeah they want me to be an example to the younger blokes around the club, and that’s what I’m doing by playing great footy,”

“They should get these colties to actually do something and help out. Those young fellas need to learn some respect in my opinion, that’s the real issue around here.” said Scott, despite not knowing the name of a single colt. 



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