In a travesty of a decision that will surely rank alongside Brexit and the recent US Elections, the Queensland Rugby League selectors have chosen Darius Boyd ahead of Billy Slater at fullback for Game One of the 2017 Harvey Norman State of Origin series.

Coach Kevin Walters and selector Gene Miles unveiled the side this week at the traditonal press conference in Brisbane, and it’s fair to say that the entire Sunshine State is a little pissed off.

Before Monday’s announcement it was considered a given that the 1, 7 and 9 would be worn by the champion storm trio of Slater, Cronk and Smith, touted by many as one of the greatest combinations in rugby league history.

It follows a series of shocking populist votes around the world, beginning with Brexit in the UK and following into the 2016 US Presidential election, where Donald Trump emerged victorious.

But there’s nothing popular about this vote.

As with the US decision, it’s clear that most people would have preferred the other option of Slater over Boyd.

“I can’t believe they’ve separated the Big Three,” said local pub owner Milton Keynes, “It’s like Powderfinger have split up again.”

It is believed that coaches and selectors are growing distressed over the public’s response to Slater’s omission, and the growing fears that there may have been Russian interference with the QRL selection process, a claim made by Bob Katter MP which has already been denied by the Kremlin.

“Who is Darius Boyd?” a Russian Ministry staffer asked when contacted by the Betoota Advocate.

“Slater. Yes we know him. Who is Darius Boyd”

The selection of Boyd is considered a victory for the Alt-Right movement, and one that leftist groups from around the globe have been quick to condemn.

In a recent radio interview Waleed Aly revealed he is planning an entire episode of The Project to talk down to his audience about why they don’t realise just how bad Boyd playing fullback is for them.


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