24 May, 2017. 15:23

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The director of ABC television has defended the coverage of last night’s exhibition match between Sydney FC and English Premier League side Liverpool, saying that the broadcaster tried to match the amount of enthusiasm held by all Australians in their coverage of the game.

A recent study conducted by the Daily Telegraph, 8 out of 10 Australians think those who prefer the round ball over the likes of rugby league, union or Victorian football should be ‘put to the sword’.

However, for the vocal 20% who enjoy watching 90 minutes of contactless NIDA auditions, the amount of effort put into the ABC2 broadcast of the match was nothing short of insulting.

“Tell somebody who cares,” said ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie.

“I’ve got more important things to worry about. We gave them a $600 budget and they spent all of it. Personally, I enjoyed the coverage but whatever. This interview is over, have a nice day.”

Hitting back the Director’s comments was a football fan from social media that we forgot the name of, but he was quite cross with how the world’s game was treated by the ABC.

The gentleman took the time out of his busy morning to speak to The Advocate about his feelings.

“The ABC is for all Australians, including Australians who like European football,” he tweeted.

“Disgusting! So disrespectful. The ABC shou…”

Halfway through the interview, the batteries on the phone record went flat and our reporter couldn’t be bothered calling him back.

More not coming.




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