Almost half the Darwin residents who lost power during Tropical Cyclone Marcus have been reconnected, with clean-up efforts continuing into the working week as locals try to recover from the disastrous storm damage over the weekend.

However, one drunken Irish resident has today woken from a boozy St Patrick’s weekend bender with a strong case of the grog horrors. As he takes note of the torn down trees and damaged properties in his street.


Cyclone Marcus passed over the northern Kimberley region on Sunday as a category two system, and headed out to sea off the north-west WA coast. It hit Darwin as a category two system on Saturday morning, bringing down power lines and hundreds of trees.

However, for the city’s Irish diaspora, the destruction and chaos of a tropical cyclone was blurred

Under the belief that it may have been him and his drunken Irish mates that fucked up his street over the last couple days, Sean Murphkelly is terrified that the NT police might be coming for him.

“Fuck me, I woke this morning to see just about every windshield on every car in the street smashed in” says the 35-year-old concrete cutter.

“The worst thing is I can’t tell you If I had anything to do with it or not”

“In me head it’s like… file not found, like”




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