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Another front in Russia’s war of words has roared to life today after Vladimir Putin’s election victory overnight was marred by accusations the United States influenced the result.

The Russian leader secured his fourth term as President with 74% of the vote, a result largely unexpected by those close to the campaign.

In his victory speech this morning local time, Putin lashed out at the United States for allegedly influencing the election result.

“This is an outrageous result,” he said.

“I find it hard to believe only three-quarters of the country for me. Our early polling suggested that the number was closer to 99%. This is an unacceptable intrusion into domestic Russian affairs by the United States and there will be a punishment for this crime.”

The news comes as the world’s largest nation locked horns with the United Kingdom earlier this month over the assassination of a former spy in south county Wiltshire.

Putin stood accused by British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson of being personally involved in the killing, to which he vehemently denied.

However, this is the first time Putin himself as fired the first salvo of accusation.

“These were fair and true elections in Russia, a great reflection on my service to the people,” said Putin.

“Anybody who says anything other than that can expect to get misted very soon.”


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