A local hospitality professional has today shown that, when given the opportunity to lose the plain black bartender t-shirt, he actually knows how to scrub up real nice, like.

After just 18 months working as a glassie and eventually a charismatic bartender, Irish bloke Danny Kelly has been given the nod by upper management at a local Woolworths-owned pokie venue.

Danny will now be rocking a radio earpiece and working the floor at the Elephant and Whiplash, a sterile corporate venue in Betoota’s inner-city highway suburb of Milbion.

“They’ve given a budget for any extra costs that come with the job” says the former indentured dairy farm worker turn permanent resident – who is never leaving Australia after learning that it is warm enough to go swimming for 70% of the year in the pool at his apartment complex.

Since yesterday afternoon, Danny has purchased a lifetime supply of hair gel and upwards of sixteen ‘French cuff’ dress shirts, a popular style of shirt for the Irish bar manager.

With the patterns varying from bright purple, turquoise, aqua and black and grey pin stripes, complete with white cuffs and white collars, this style of shirt most commonly seen at the Magic Millions on the Gold Coast, or Flemington General Admission.

“We don’t get away with such bright dress shirts in Dublin” he says.

“Usually you gotta wear a coat, so it’s good to be able to sher off, like”

Our interview with Danny was interrupted after one of his bar staff radio’d through that one of the tradie regulars was trying to smash a steel ash tray through the screen on Where’s The Gold.




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