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Try as the might, the Inter is bogged.

Rather than face the ultimate humiliation and get Dad to come and help you, two local brothers attempted to save face today and get Big Red out of a bog by themselves – but both of them knew their efforts were futile.

After a few scuds passed through the area in the past few days, one of Walter Pearson’s bore drains has become especially sticky.

So much so, it caught his sons, Sam (13) and Dylan (15), in its web.

Speaking to The Advocate a short time ago, Dylan said they knew they were in trouble from the get-go.

“Dad got us to take the chisel plough up to the lucerne paddocks and come back and get the flatbed but we got bogged on the way back,” said Dylan.

“We went through the bore drain a bit further up the paddock and we almost got stuck going through it up there so I thought I’d try further down here. The ground looked hard enough but I guess I just broke through it,”

“When we realised we were going anyway, we tried to dig ourselves out and fill the ruts with sticks and leaves but we were going to get out without a tow.”

And so started the two-hour walk home from the bogged tractor to the homestead, which is only a mile off Rural Route 6 on the Betoota City Limits.

Just as the house came into view, they saw the lights of their father’s HZJ75 cruiser come over the crest of the hill.

“Where have you two been all day?” asked Walter as he pulled up.

“Did you boys get bogged on the drain?”

They both pursed their lips and nodded.

“OK, jump in the back. We’ll go and get the Massey.”

Sam and Dylan went into the shed to fetch a length of good chain and followed their father on the Massey out to the bogged Inter.

Moments later, the tractor was free again and they all made it home in time for tea.

More to come.



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