Still reeling from the shock 2019 election loss to the Liberal Party, a group of Labor voters from Betoota’s cosmopolitan French Quarter have once again found themselves analysing what Albo could be doing better to appeal to everyday Australians like them.

Mason, Hunter, Venetia, Benji, Agapantha and Adele all initially met each other at University in the early 2000s – back when politics was more black and white.

After eventually graduating and finding work in an array of creative industries, the same group of friends have remained in the same inner-city enclave they once sharehoused in, after getting a taste for the convenience of a metropolitan lifestyle.

While some are still renting and others were able to eventually buy with the help of parents – not much has changed for the group of graphic designers and stage actors.

And that’s how they like it. They like being able to walk to work, and they like being able to go watch some live comedy at 2am.

However, one thing that they aren’t happy to see remain the same since their glory days as young idealists is the horrible Liberal Party still being in power. As they have been for 19 of the last 25 years.

It’s for this reason, that they now spend hours each week in cafe’s brainstorming ways to bring ‘their’ party back into power.

Today, at a bustling inner-city cafe, the echo chamber begins bouncing around pointers. Pointers that maybe Shorten could have taken on last election.

“Why did he keep talking about cars? No one cares about cars haha” says Adele.

“I know right?” says Hunter.

“Who even owns a car?”

The whole group laughs, but it’s a sad laugh. Because they know that Labor’s current identity crisis means each day the party is drifting away from the party they came to love when they were involved in uni politics.

“Also, whats with this whole mining thing? How do they not realise that literally none of their voters care about mining?”

As the brains trust continues dissecting the failings of the Federal opposition, neither seem to reference the safe Labor state governments.

“Maybe Albo needs to focus a little bit more on like, tax policy” says Mason.

“Scrapping negative gearing was actually a good policy. They just didn’t push hard enough on it”

“Also, yeah, we need to change the flag”



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