After three months of organising, a group of Queenslanders have realised that the Harbour City might not have been the best place to host a bucks party.

”Bottle shops are open for like another hour” says the brainchild behind this weekend, Lee.

”We could buy s bunch of vodka and mixers and try and sneak all of us into the same room back at our hotel”

”We’d have to keep it pretty quiet, but I think Scotty packed some cards”

With Sydney’s Vivid Festival still limping on down at Circular Quay, this one-off high school reunion is now treading water, as both the bride-to-be, Ben, and his four adult mates put their brains together to try and think of a place to go after last drinks at this specific pub.

However, unluckily for them, last drinks are gonna be called in about 15 minutes.

This particular boys weekend is just one of many to be ruined by the draconian nightlife laws aimed at making the biggest city in Australia look more appealing to both retiree and foreign investors. Meaning fun is limited between the hours of midday and 9:30.

With the bucks party looking as though it will be over before it has even started, Lee has a brainwave.

”Boys, what did that poster say at the airport train station?”

”Pretty sure it said the casino is open all night”

The group of adults exhale, relieved to learn that their is one venue in this city willing to let them have a drink after dinner time, providing they gamble heaps.

At time of press the entire group had last eachother in the gruen transfer of Star Casino. With each mate riding out their night alone on a selection of different Egyption themed pokies.


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