If you have had access to a social media over the last 72 hours then you’d know that a high-powered white-collar Queensland executive has resigned from his role Aveo Group’s national quality manager after being identified as Brisbane’s notorious poo jogger.

It is believed that the alleged fouled the private footpath of an apartment block near his Greenslopes home 30 times over the last year – until neighbours banded together to catch him in the act.

While, I, like many other Australians, initially relished in the fact that a high-paid corporate baby boomer who looks like he votes for the Liberal party was being publicly humiliated across social and news media outlets right around the world – I now have a more woke perspective several days after I’ve already finished laughing.

Maybe we shouldn’t laugh.

Yes sure, what this man has done in his life is reprehensible, he’s white, he’s old, and he’s rich – but his need to defecate in public isn’t. It’s a kink.

Much like me when I occasionally decide to piss on my partner’s feet in the shower, this man’s kinks break him out of the handcuffs of white privilege that makes many of our opinions of victimhood invalid. It makes him more like us, millennials.

It depends which way you want to look at it, but personally, I think that defending this man is an alternative hill to die on, and it’s going to get people talking about me.

You can choose to call this man a vandal, but I prefer to look at him as brave.

Anyone laughing at him should know that they are laughing at every other closeted 62-year-old Coprophile out there too scared to tell their parents that they get kicks out of laying cable in public.

It’s offensive and archaic.


About the writer: Jamie Hottake is a heteronormative white male millennial who went through a gay phase in university but ultimately decided he prefers having sex with women. He lists himself on twitter as a thought-maker and journalist, despite only getting published in online publications like this one when we are running low on sponsored content.

He credits his love of dissecting the news, and using political correctness to crucify any writer/actor/comic that is doing better than him, to a gap year spent building poorly designed mud huts in a third world country with a school-boomerang charity that has since been shut down due to revelations that 90% of donations were spent on useless cunts like him.

With a relatively big twitter following and an elite education at both an inner-city selective school and a demountable arts department in a prominent Sandstone University, he relishes in the fact that at 23, he is much more engaged with problematic societal trends that he never looked twice at a couple years ago when he was still going to NRL matches with his dad.


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