The ICAC inquiries into alleged political corruption within the ranks of the New South Wales Liberal government have seen yet another barrage of explosive revelations in Sydney today.

This comes as disgraced former Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire takes the chair for a second day to answer gruelling questions from the Independent Corruption Watchdog.

Maguire described his personal relationship with the NSW premier, Gladys Berejiklian, as “on again off again”, between about 2015 and August or September of this year.

When asked if the relationship was still ongoing, Maguire replied: “Not after this I wouldn’t be” referring to ICACS’s investigation.

And he’s damn right.

The end of Daryl’s reign as the deadbeat loser who was holding back the NSW Premier from living her truth was on display for all today.

Arriving at the Ivy Pool Bar with her sisters and a couple girlfriends, Hot Mess Gladys was seen to be acting nonchalant by her erratic change in hair colour.

Kitted head to toe in designer wear, it couldn’t be more clear that Gladys has moved on from Daryl and all of his bullshit.

Friends says that while the decision to bleach her hair at 3am last night comes across as rather impulsive, it’s all part and parcel with the embattled Premier’s well publicised glo-up.

“I’m just happy she gets to finally live her truth” said one unnamed Ivy Pool bar insider.

“She’s totally past all of that drama”

“She’s moving on from ICAC too.”

“Because like, ICAC was Daryl”

At time of press, Gladys and her girlfriends had saddled up next to former NRL party boys Reni Maitua and Willie Mason, who ordered three magnums of rose for the ladies.


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