Police are today looking for a young man who suggested burpees as a finisher for a tough boot camp session, it’s reported.

Personal trainer Neil Bradley [26] tells our reporter that he regularly offered his clients a chance to suggest wind down activities at the end of his class, which he says were ‘usually jumping jacks or at worst, some ‘Russian twists.’

However last Friday it’s alleged that at the end of the gruelling 45-minute session, a voice in the back of the class had shrieked ‘BURPEES’ instead.

With a full 60 seconds left on the clock, the class had no option but to oblige the mystery person’s requests, which Neil says ‘left the whole class completely buggered.’

Our reporter was attempting to use the hip abduction machine without feeling self-conscious, when she noticed the nearby commotion.

“The whole purpose of a workout is to push people to their limit, not annihilate them”, says Neil.

“It sickens me to my core that he’s still out there.’

Neil adds that, though you need a little bit of a sadistic streak to become a personal trainer, he’s not in the business of destroying people and that he ‘only chose this career path because he looks reasonably fit but didn’t want to be a chippy”

It’s alleged that the exercise had left the class visibly shaken and unable to move for ten minutes, which prompted the trainer to call the cops.

As of print date, the Betoota Heights local police team are currently seeking any information or footage regarding an ongoing investigation on the lone perpetrator.



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