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A worldly individual who calls Trivia pub quizzes has finally settled a long-running entertainment debate.

Declan Gooch, who describes himself as a bit of an aficionado on TV and movies has today silenced colleagues at afternoon drinks.

The 31-year-old accounts manager with a fetish for anything that appears on ABC Comedy, (the random rebrand of ABC2) took control of a debate about which version of the popular comedy ‘The Office,’ is better.

“Seriously. Are you guys for real. Is that even a question?” he laughed.

“The UK version of the office is hands down the best version. It’s not even up for debate,” chortled Gooch.

“I tried to do a couple of episodes of the Steve Carell one and actually couldn’t even bear it,” said the man who has watched almost every episode of QI in history.

Colleague Andrew Parker told The Advocate that Gooch just sets off as soon as someone questions any British Television.

“For a man who despises the Royals and is obsessed with Australia becoming a republic, his dick certainly gets a little bit too hard for British TV,” Parker said.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong. I am more than happy to acknowledge that the US has butchered almost every single TV show it’s got its hands on. Kath and Kim, Skins, The Inbetweeners. But the US Office is actually pretty good.”


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