Liberal Senator for Victoria, James Paterson has stepped out in style this afternoon.

The career politician appears to be struggling after he turned the big three oh a few months back, and has made an attempt at combating his quarter life crisis by buying some new threads.

Paterson, who previously had only ever made news when people were talking about how dysfunctional and damaging it is for democracy for someone to immediately enter federal politics straight after university – is making headlines for all the right reasons.

It is believed the equally self-important millennials working in the Parliament press gallery were quick to comment on Paterson’s ‘cute AF milo-esque suit’.

“You might make GQ this year big fella” said one Buzzfeed employee.

In March 2016, the Victorian division of the Liberal Party of Australia nominated Paterson to fill the casual vacancy in the Australian Senate caused by the resignation of Michael Ronaldson. Paterson was appointed by a joint sitting of the Parliament of Victoria on 9 March 2016. Just in case you didn’t know who this cunt was.

However, Paterson is now a household name, all thanks to the new suit that perfectly matches both his age and politics.

“Damnnn” said fellow Liberal senator, Eric Abetz, after spotting Paterson in the hallway at Parliament house this afternoon.

“My great uncle used to own a suit like that”


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