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Long Bay Correctional Complex will undergo a bit of a facelift over the next couple of months, it has been reported.

The infamous jail, which neighbours the suburbs of Maroubra and Little Bay in Sydney’s South East and his home to people like Neddy Smith and Roger Rogerson, has received a funding injection, with the main aim of expanding the State Politicians Wing.

The Head of Corrective Services NSW Tony Hamilton, spoke to The Advocate today and informed us that the upgrade was much needed.  

“Politicians are like rock spiders mate. People fucking hate them,” he said.

“If we let ’em in with the rest of the pen they would end up in a way I don’t care to describe to you.”

Notorious NSW politicians like Eddie Obeid and Ian Mcdonald are some of the current stock in Long Bay and Hamilton confirmed that they are under heavy surveillance.

“It’s not that we want to, but we have to.”

“These guys have a lot of connections right. But even their connections don’t mean shit inside. That’s because they only had connections because they were politicians. And now they’re not. So you probably get my drift.”

Hamilton said that the main reason that they needed to expand it was that Corrective Services is expecting a fair bit more business over the next couple of years.

“Oh yeah, there is some serious brown paper bag shit going on down at Macquarie Street.”

“Not so much in the sense that that much cash is changing hands, but just people are helping each other out in regards to a set of apartments down at Waterloo, or some mining licences in rural NSW if you know what I mean.”

“It’s only a matter of time.”



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