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In a hilarious sequence of events, a man dressed as Santa has appeared in a Betoota Hills sales office yelling ho ho ho, before breaking into laughter himself.

The Santa, who looks suspiciously similar to Christopher from accounts, was cause of a hysterical outbreak of laughter from some of the late-40s female coworkers – who think this recurring Christmas joke is just a scream.

“Oh get out!” yells Jenny from HR.

“Chris you are ridiculous!” yells Wendy from logistics who think Chris is a bit dishy.

“This is too good”

As some of the Christmas party organisers rapidly finish covering the function room in tinsel, it appears Christopher’s hilarious go-to prank is the unofficial siren for ‘stop what you are doing and grab a glass of punch’.

It is not yet known why Christopher has decided to commit to such a basic gag, given that literally no one else is wearing a costume and it’s quite clear that there aren’t any presents to hand out given that secret Santa was completed earlier in the day.

“Who’s been naughty this year!” shouts an overexcited Santa, verging on the line of inappropriateness by looking at younger female colleagues.

“Lets partay!” yells.


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