Senator Richard Di Natale has earnt praise in the halls of Parliament House this week, after attempting to defuse the hostilities and tensions both within both the Greens and between warring parties.

It is believed the 47-year-old Gemini had just had enough of all the negative energy vibrating through the nation’s capital, and decided to start a weekly Facebook event titled “Yoges with Richie”.

Each Wednesday morning at sunrise, Di Natale can be seen hosting free yoga classes on the lawns of Parliament House, for anyone and everyone. Political alliances aside.

Not one to shy from his interest in the alternative lifestyle, earlier this year the Greens leader spoke to the Betoota Advocate about how leaving his semi-precious crystals out during a full moon was an important part of recharging his spiritual energy while in Canberra

Liberal Party senator and devout non-Feminist Minister For Women, Michaelia Cash says she was skeptical at first, but says she has a bit of time for the leftie spirit-science after being convinced to come along by lifelong yoga-enthusiast Attorney-General George Brandis.

“It really helps us to unwind. The drinking, the backstabbing, the slashing of funds to women’s shelter. It can leave you quite wound up” says Senator Cash.

“You should see Brandy [George Brandis] go at it. His hammies are made of blue tack”

Senator Di Natale says he is super stoked with the turn out.

“It wasn’t sposed to be a full on thing” he said.

“But I’m super stoked everyone is enjoying it, and taking something away from it”

“You should come down, it’s a super chilled vibe”

This kind of counter-cultural therapeutics isn’t new for Greens leader, last month it was confirmed that Senator Di Natale had managed to squeeze in one more ‘Bush Doof’ before returning to the Federal upper house.

The Senator said he felt “refreshed, enlightened and full of positive energy” after the three day rave sabbatical in rural Victoria.


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