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The Dear Leader of The Democratic Republic Of Korea has returned fire at US President Donald Trump after the New Yorker began referring to him as ‘Rocket Man’ earlier this week.

Kim Jong-Un performed Elton John’s 1971 classic hit ‘Tiny Dancer’ to a sold-out crowd last night in Pyongyang, where he took the opportunity to call out Mr Trump personally between songs.

“This is one goes out to you, Tiny Dancer,” said Kim, as a portrait of Trump appeared on the big screen.

“Because if I’m you’re Rocket Man, then you’re my Blue Jean Baby and the seamstress for The Band,”

The Swiss-educated psychopath then counted his backing band in before launching into the six-minute love ballad, which some speculate is about heroin or love, or a love of heroin.

However, President Trump failed to touch on the developments coming out of the Hermit Kingdom overnight in his maiden speech to the United Nations this morning in the Big Apple.

Rather than send another battleship salvo over Kim’s bow, Trump elected to ignore last night’s concert and return to the status quo of threatening to kill him.

More to come.



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