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Greens leader, Doctor Richard Di Natale admitted today that all of the Greens policies were derived from old songs from Australian anti-war folk band, ‘Redgum’.

While being interviewed at a café in Fitzroy, Melbourne for a puff piece in the Betoota holiday edition, Dr Di Natale dropped the bombshell that in 2013 he found an old tape of Redgum’s earlier material and he played it to the Greens Executive.

“The songs really resonated with us.  Like the bit in “It doesn’t matter to me” when he says, “ I always  say the Channel 10 news is best” and I thought yeah that guy is moron for not watching the ABC and we had our media policy.”

“I also heard ‘Servin’ USA’ and bang, we had a foreign policy.  ‘Diamantina Drover’ gave us our water management platform.”

Redgum’s singer/song writer, John Schumann was also a leading member of the Australian Democrats in South Australia.  Dr Di Natale said “Yeah I realize the Democrat  connection was a bit of an issue but who remembers them anyway?”  They gave us Andrew Bartlett who brought a heap on new policies with him which I later discovered were just verses of “Beaumont Rag.”

More to come.


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