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Spero Bartzis spends the afternoon taking pride in his home country.
Spero Bartzis spends the afternoon taking pride in his home country.

Spero Bartzis, a 62-year-old from Brisbane’s West End, has spent the last two and half hours hosing down his concrete driveway.

The weathered grandfather of twenty-seven smiles as he blasts a high-powered garden hose onto his ‘front lawn’ – when asked why he dedicates so much time and water to this task, Mr Bartzis simply responds “It’s sunday, moit”.

Often referred to as ‘the Greek broom’ – the Southern-European practice of hosing down driveways has been a hot topic for local politicians for many years now, with a large contingent of non-Greek Australians complaining that the decadent practice is a blatant and unnecessary waste of resources.

However, Mr Bartzis, who migrated to Brisbane from the Greek island of Kithira in the late 60’s, says today he “doesn’t give a f*** what those skippy poofs” have to say.

“Just like our neighbours in Europe, they can go f**k themselves, mate” he says, referring to his home countries decision to withdraw from the Eurozone last year.

“After this I’m going to go hose down the front of me shop, after that I’ll hose down my mothers place. I work hard for this water,”

“If only the Greeks back home could remember hard work like us Greeks in Australia”

“All my people back home need to start doing is pay a little tax and they can live like us here in Ozzie… The Greeks always bounce back, mate”



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