6 August, 2016 14:15


A giant pile has stolen the show at the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony, in a stunningly choreographed appearance at centre of the stadium.

Alongside dancing foam AK-47 assault rifles and an army of chainsaw weiilding lumberjacks cutting down brilliantly costumed ‘Amazon rainforest trees’, Brazillian supermodel Giselle Bundchen also impressed in a silver gown that sparkled through the huge arena – as she strutted down one of longest catwalks of her life as ‘The Girl From Ipanema’

Filmmaker Fernando Meirelles, the Opening Ceremony’s creative director, had envisioned Bundchen to be involved in a controversial skit where she would be mugged by a poor boy.

However, the segment was canned after it was seen as inappropriate, and playing into racial stereotypes and was a potentially over-the-top addition to the amazing ceremony that had already focused on the discourse of drug cartels and rampant political corruption.

Competitors and spectators alike have lauded the amazing spectacle, with many stating the city’s honesty was what really shone through.

Former Olympic swimmer Geoff Huegill said he has never seen anything as beautiful as the giant pile of Brazilian marching powder in the centre of the ceremony.

“I was drooling,” he said.

“It was beautiful. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen,”

“Giselle wasn’t bad either, but the dancing AK-47s and giant pile of coke was just so brilliantly executed. Best opening ceremony I’ve ever watched.”

With a month of athletic prowess ahead of us, the international community looks forward to seeing what else Rio has to offer.


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