Sydney’s Northern Beaches are facing a ‘March/April-style’ lockdown until next Wednesday after NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian confirmed 23 new COVID-19 cases, including 10 that were reported yesterday.

She said 21 have been confirmed as directly linked to the Avalon outbreak in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

NSW residents have been warned to brace for rising infections in the lead up to Christmas as the Avalon cluster climbs to near 40.

The Northern Beaches area will now be in lockdown from 5:00pm on Saturday to midnight on Wednesday, with people being asked to stay at home unless for “essential reasons”.

While there is yet to be solid evidence of transmission south of the Spit Bridge, there have been warnings issued for several locations in greater Sydney where potential carriers may have visited.

This includes a Bondi Junction Westfield, several cafes and restaurants and a handful of other places that rich people like to go while they are ignoring symptoms.

While contact tracers work tirelessly to find the cause of the Avalon outbreak, the rest of Sydney are still puzzled as to how the virus got outside the ‘Insular Peninsular’ to begin with.

Joel Joelson (33), local Newport residents says he can’t believe the virus bother to make the ‘trek’ into the city.

“To be honest I thought the virus would just stick around here”

“Don’t know why it would leave, no one else does”

“Why would ya”

Joel’s mate, Jai (29) agrees.

“Yeah bro. Woolloomooloo? Trek bro”

“I thought the virus would like, get a roofing apprenticeship, and like, settle down with a mates younger sister when she finishes high school bro”

“The virus must have caught the Hell90 into town last week. Why would you though bro, the Cross isn’t even open anymore”


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