In a significant day for the Transport Industry, it has been revealed that Fisherman’s Friends lozenges are slowly overtaking goey as the main stimulant on the road.

The ultra-strong lollies that have a fair kick to them have now significantly eaten into the “truckie who’s trying not to fall asleep market.”

Industry-specific research has revealed that “goey” or speed as it is also known which is used as the traditional staple for blokes who spend an outrageous amount of time driving has been steadily on the decline over the last few years.

The serious kick delivered from the lozenges is believed to be enough (when taken regularly) to keep truckies awake overnight for hours on end.

Andrew Warbleton from the Australian Trucking and Logistics Industry of Australia said he is thankful that a lot of truckies have eased off their consumption of illicit substances whilst under employment.

“Look, I actually don’t have a problem with them using goey and all that shit to keep awake. Try driving along a pretty flat road overnight for like 18 hours straight. You are going to need something a bit more than a coffee or red bull to keep you going,” he said.

“It’s all these toffs who have a problem with it. So we obviously can’t keep doing it as an industry and that’s why I am thankful that a lot of the blokes have started using Fisherman’s Friends.”

“Their missos are probably happy too ha ha ha.”

“Im sure they prefer that than breath with a stench of meat pie, chips and mother.”


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