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Samantha Kennedy and I were great friends in high school.

We played on the same soccer team and ran in the same circles – we were close.

But all that changed one day when a husky, loud middle-aged man stood idle on the sideline of our championship game against The Longreach School of Distance Education back in 2009.

That man was a college scout from America. We all knew it but deep down, we knew none of us were good enough.

However, this quiet American saw something in Sam we all saw but never spoke of.

Her bright academic confidence, humble disposition and footballing talent made her an ideal scholarship candidate to any US college.

At 19, Sam made the move to Berkeley in the Bay Area of San Fransisco where she excelled in everything she put her mind to. Though a number of injuries marred her soccering endeavours, she graduated with honours in Ceramic Art.

That was then.

Just last month, the Face Book told me that Sam had moved back to her parents renovated four bedroom Queenslander in Betoota Ponds and that she’d taken up a new position at a popular 24-hour gym nearby.

Sam spoke to The Advocate regarding her adventures around America and her recent return to the Simpson Desert.

“Yeah, to be fair I didn’t expect to move back here so soon,” she said.

“There was so much more I wanted to do in terms of soccer but my knees are more fucked than my Dad’s are now. I think they put me up in the higher grades too quickly, I wasn’t quite ready for the intensity but at the same time, I didn’t want to let the opportunity pass me by,”

“It’s sad in a way. I had so much promise, I could’ve gone to the Olympics. Don’t get me wrong, I like being a personal trainer and everything. But, you know, I’d rather be doing what I love rather than this. It’s so nice to see you again, Molly.”

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More to come.


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