The greatest curse of our age is to be born into wealth. Believe me, I know. 

Sure, poor people will think that is a silly thing to say. But they weren’t born into extreme wealth like you or me, and so they can never understand the difficulties us gilded few face throughout our very long, healthy and vibrant life times.

And the one thing harder than being born into wealth is growing that wealth. Turning that $50 million that you inherited into something much greater, $50.01million. 

But it can be done. You’ve just to go learn the poor man’s game of hustlin’. And for rich folk like us, who naturally have more grit and determination than the poor, hustlin’ be easy. 

Understand that success rarely happens overnight, especially when starting from a high baseline. You’ve got to embrace the Hustler’s spiritual mindset and use your superior grit and determination to endure setbacks and market fluctuations. You may face moments when your wealth dips below $50 million, but failure is the first step to success.

Keep hustlin’, no matter what. Use your entrepreneurial skills to stay in the game. And remember, one of the most important aspects of turning a vast inheritance into a slightly vaster one is to stay humble. Even when you realise your goal of $50.01million, remember where you came from. 

And if remembering your privileged past doesn’t help you stay humble, then try to imagine humbler beginnings instead. Imagination is a key tool in the hustler’s arsenal, after all. 

Always consider yourself as a lifelong learner, eager to absorb knowledge from financial experts, mentors, and those who have achieved similar feats. Success in wealth management hinges on staying well-informed about economic trends, market conditions, and that initial $50 million you were given. 

The journey of turning $50 million into $50.01 million is a challenging one, marked by dedication, humility, and a long-term perspective.

Success is not guaranteed, but with the right mindset and strategy, you can make a meaningful contribution to your family’s legacy and take pride in doing it all off your own back.

Good luck.


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