Tiffany Wickham (19) comes from a long line of proud Australians.

With knee high boots, nose piercing, half head undercut and lengthy regiment field coat, Tiffany Wickham dressed to steal the show and make her grandad Keith the toast of the regiment at the Betoota Hills ANZAC Day dawn service this morning.

As the dawn rose on another Anzac Day, there was few patrons left at half mast during this years dawn service. As if the free powdered eggs and fakeon wasn’t enough to entice those out of a slumber, Tiffany’s styling made sure she gave the veterans something to come back for at next years service.

Posing for photos with time honoured veterans, Tiffany made sure no one was left out. Later posting on Instagram a photo of her at the dawn service with a couple old codgers and her pop, with the caption #LessWeForget 😘

When interviewed her grandad Keith could only muster the words “It’s good to see the youngens out and enjoying the true spirit of Anzac Day. I hope the regiment all enjoyed it”.

“I wasn’t 100% okay with Tiffany uploading all the boomerang vidoes of the last post, or the ones of me laying a wreath, but I guess it’s good that she’s come along regardless”


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