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Harley Billings (26) has shown his commitment to a new cause today, after ordering a pub meal, and specifically requesting salad, instead of chips.

The happily engaged teacher from the Golf Course Estate told our reporters today that he had promised himself, and his partner that he was going to give this whole diet thing a go.

“Yeah, I am starting to blow out a little. You know, that comfortable relationship, mid 20’s kind of mass you put on around the chest and belly region,” he explained.

“So I told myself that I was going to start cutting down and watching what I eat. And little sacrifices like, salad instead of chips, is one way to stop the ballooning.”

Billings, however, has confirmed, however, that he will still have some of his mate’s chips though.

“Just a couple.”

“Not like heaps, like just one or two,” Billings said.

This, however, has angered friends of Billings, who told The Advocate that he should have just ordered his own.

“Fuck off, order your own fucking chips,” said Tom Harvey, a friend of Billings.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s like I am at the beach, and I’ve got a seagull trying to get at my chips,” said Harvey a ‘chippy’ from the Flightpath District.

“It’s not my fault Charlene’s been giving him a hard time and he has gone ahead and ordered lettuce to go with his steak. Not my fault out all.”


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