Immigration Minister Peter Dutton comment’s attacking the refugee policies of former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser have the potential to critically damage his approval rating within Australia’s working class, it has been confirmed.

Responding to criticism from right-wing commentator Andrew Bolt, Mr Dutton said on Thursday that the reason why so many Australians are unhappy is because of migrants who settled in Australia during the Fraser government in the 1970s and 1980s.

“The reality is Malcolm Fraser did make mistakes in bringing some people in the 1970s and we’re seeing that today,” he told Sky News.

“We need to be honest in having that discussion. There was a mistake made.”

However, these comments, which were presumably targeted at both the Lebanese and Vietnamese-Australian communities have been met with backlash from the Australian working class, who have had more contact with these people than they have with the politicians who supposedly represent them.

“That cunt has rocks in his head” says one powder-coating contractor in Brisbane’s Browns Plains.

“Has he ever had a fucking banh mi [Vietnamese pork roll]? They are delicious”

Another labourer, Kev, says he doesn’t have an issue with Lebs either.

“The only dealings I’ve had with Lebanese people is when I’m getting my haircut or being politely asked to leave a venue”

“They do for me than that potato-headed moron. If he wants to pick on Asians and Lebos he should have kept his job in the fucking Queensland police force”

“That bloody clog wog Bolt should keep his mouth shut too”



  1. Dear Sirs,

    As a Western Australian barely controlling my rage over the ongoing GST travesty being waged against me, I feel compelled to dust off the gloves yet again and deal with this addle-headed type of nonsense being spouted by a fool who uses my stolen tax money to pay for his lifestyle. To be fair, it’s also shaping as a slow day here, and Matron has yet again left the office which has the computer in it unlocked when she knocked-off early for the day, and opportunities are there to be taken I always say.

    Previously in your fine broadsheet I tackled the filth and simple-mindedness being waged against Mussulmans;

    and I feel sufficiently energised to do the same now for these Chinaman-ish types being slapped around by a man who, to be perfectly frank, has elements about his visage that strongly suggest some sort of unfortunate species crossover during the previous breeding cycles of his ancestors.

    Does this man really have no idea of the important part Mussulmans, Chinamen, and all those other funny-sounding types of foreigners have played in the success of this nation? For God’s sake, my life has been littered with cases where if it wasn’t for a handy Chinaman to palm responsibility onto for whatever fuck-up was happening I’d have spent even more time persuading magistrates I wasn’t guilty of the charges I was facing than I have done.

    Foreigners are the very soul and lifeblood of this nation’s scapegoat industry, and I challenge any mindless racist using this Dutton-ish type of thinking to research their own ancestry and see just fortunate they are to even be here simply because there was a Mussulman, or a Chinaman, or an Italian, or whoever those swarthy chaps are who concoct stews out of sheep’s feet and the noses of dogs but who nevertheless always made damned fine harpooners and flensers, and who happened to be available at the time to blame and to take the flogging or the hanging on their ancestor’s behalf. For God’s sake, if every bastard got what he deserved since we first waded ashore, then the population of this nation today would fit comfortably into a standard-sized mustering paddock.

    I had thought this oafish nonsense had been dealt with following the fallout from the failed White Australia Policy. Sir John Forrest and I were on a unity ticket with that one – Sir John was a wise and practical man, and knew that unless you employed at least one Hindoo or Afghan in your exploration party you were completely fucked when it came to finding someone to whip when your horse died. Sir John knew well the folly this racist nonsense would bring, and he did his best to make fools of the day like this Dutton chap see that without these other odd types drifting around in the background – and trying instead to run a white-only show – you’d inevitably be limited to just Papists to lay the blame on, and God knows we didn’t even have enough of them available at the time either. The fact that it took decades for the wisdom of that noble man to be understood and acted upon is one of the enduring tragedies of this country – in fact right up there with the Grants Commission bastardry that’s used to divvy-up tax revenue.

    So, to these Chinaman-ish types being bad-mouthed by this imbecile Dutton I say “Ignore him – he’s a dickhead”. Those of us who have relied on people like you to stay out of jail are grateful for your presence, and glad you came. I’ll be going droving early in the New Year, and would welcome hearing from any Hindoo or Mussulman interested in joining the party. We are not all cut from the same frayed, unwashed cloth as that man you know.


    Ron Muppet

  2. Brilliant article, and great comment Ron. Changes everything. I’m going to try that out. Sorry about your GST, I’d have sent some back but I’ve already borrowed against it really heavily and blown it all. Sorry about that

  3. Both the above comments look like inside jobs to me. Mussulmen for fuck’s sake. One problem with multiculturalism is the fact that the TV newsreaders’ names are unintelligible; well Anton Enis is clear enough but sounds sick. You blokes must be making a few quid because I thought putting shit on other journalists was a bad career move. Bolte’s just a Murdoch lickspittle and the CIA controls US media. The cunts have never told the truth about 9/11. Have look at ‘The War On Terror Is Bogus’ by Michael Meacher. They needed to build an oil pipeline in Afghanistan and Julie Fucking Goddam Bullshit Bishop is losing her war there.
    Anyway, what happened to that Murdoch Merger article?. Did the cunt make you an offer you couldn’t refuse?. I thought Jerry Hall would’ve rooted him to death by now; Lang Hancock lasted longer than I thought with that Filipina slut.

  4. We desperately need a museum of phrenology – we’ve got more football fuglies than a stick can be poked at. Dutton can have a wax mould taken and his head mounted in the foyer. Another in the Gold Coast Wax Museum would boost tourism
    and warn overseas visitors about the dangers of uncontrolled crossbreeding. New Eugenics in The New World Order will ensure that nothing like this ever happens again.


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