The power of social media was evident yet again this week when YouTube star Kalyn Ponga landed himself one of the biggest contracts in Rugby League.

>Despite having played just two games in the NRL, Ponga is set to become one of the richest sporting stars in the country thanks to a $3.6 million contract with the Newcastle Knights.

As well as the usual thanks to family and friends, Ponga wanted to thank his mate from year 10 for making a Schoolboy Rugby highlights video with moderately inoffensive rap music dubbed over the top.

“Without Flo Rida in the background, and slow motion effects used on my steps I would never have got to where I am now,” the starlet told the Advocate this morning.

It is believed that the Knights CEO Matthew Gidley and Coach Nathan Brown researched the youngster primarily on YouTube, citing the highlights videos and said the decision was a “no brainer.”

Club legend Andrew Johns voiced his excitement at the move today and has offered his services to mentor the young gun during his time in the city.

Speaking on Triple M this morning the 8th immortal said “I’m bloody excited mate, this kids real good. I tell yah, he will get away with whatever he wants up here. Just give me 6 months with the little fella and all the boys at training him will be calling him Kalyn Pinga instead of Ponga.”

Initial reports had suggested a move to Parramatta, but the club reportedly told Ponga that all the off the books houses, cars and cash in brown bags wasn’t possible with the current scrutiny.


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