Rising Number Of Kids Growing Up Without Backyards Blamed For Slump In Aussie Sport


Former Australian cricket captain, Ricky Ponting, has put the blame squarely on our nation’s town planners in the wake of another “very, very poor batting performance” that led to a heavy second Test defeat.

“How do we expect to find any young talent when majority of our countries junior players are growing up in apartments? Or worse off the grid housing developments?”

Amid concerns about coaching levels and the strength of club and Shield cricket, Ponting says we need to focus on decentralising our nation’s capital cities, so that kids ‘can grow up with a bit of space’.

“Kids don’t learn how to knock them if they’ve got to constantly be worried about putting a hole through dad’s OLED television”

“Or knocking grandpas ashes off the mantlepiece”

Ponting warned Australia’s current players are starting to make Watson look tough, while the game in this country had been weakened by a rising number of children that have to use an elevator before they can even find a fucking drive way to roll the arm over.

“It’s ridiculous. In my day we didn’t even have a neighbours window to worry about. This kids are too crammed”


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