White South African farmers “deserve special attention” from Australia due to the “horrific circumstances” of land seizures and violence, paired with their beautiful white skin, says Peter Dutton.

The former highway cop turned Immigration Minister says his department was examining a range of methods to fast-track their path to Australia on humanitarian or other visa programs designed to help people who are being persecuted in other countries unless they look heaps like the people that are persecuting them.

South Africa’s new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, is pursuing a policy of appropriating farm lands without compensation for redistribution to black South Africans.

The policy has led to reports, including in the Australian media, that white farmers are being murdered at a rate of more than one per week. Similar to what was happening to the loved ones of that innocent Sri Lankan family that were dragged out of bed in Biloela last week, back when they were last in the country they are currently in the process of being deported to again.

“If you look at the footage and read the stories, you hear the accounts, it’s a horrific circumstance they face.” Dutton said.

“It’s twice as troubling knowing that these people are white and could easily be mistaken for any run of the mill liberal voter who holds animosity against people of colour”

The home affairs minister noted Australia has refugee, humanitarian and other visa programs which have the “potential to help some of these people”. He said he had asked his department to look at the options “because from what I have seen they do do need help from a civilised country like ours – plus they’ll end up voting for us”


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