Major social media platforms have temporarily locked the accounts of US President Donald Trump, as the embattled leader continues to fire off baseless claims about the 2020 US election amid riots in the US Capitol.

Tech giants insist this is not a case of censorship, but merely an effort to minimise the spread of political misinformation — including a video message repeating false claims that he won the election by a “landslide”.

According to Twitter, the President’s account has been suspended for “repeated and severe violations” of its civic integrity policy, warning it would permanently suspend him from the platform in the event of future violations.

Facebook and Instagram followed suit soon after, tweeting that the platforms would block Mr Trump’s account from posting for 24 hours due to policy violations.

However, one social media platform that is yet to boot the Donald is the old faithful MSN Messenger.

Long thought to have been discontinued by it’s owners, MSN Messenger is apparently still limping on, despite having a business model that doesn’t evolve around harvesting user data and ruining their lives.

The early 2000s platform has today experienced a spike of tens of millions of new followers – as Trump supporters rush to download the service in an effort to keep up to date with their leader’s thought process.

Returning to contact list with a new nickname “President Trump {{{the election was rigged!}}}” – the outgoing US leader is continuing with the narrative that hundreds of thousands of Republican votes ‘were thrown into the river’ in November.

At time of press, Donald Trump was seen going live with his webcam, and was asking his followers to ‘Nudge’ him if they agree the election was rigged.



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