Local woman Lisa Verrier thought she’d be able to score some extra cash by completing online surveys but has quickly found the process is simply not worth the $5 fuel voucher.

It’s alleged the twenty-five-year-old had racked up quite the serious credit card debt and was looking for ways to make easy money that was above board.

Rather than take up a second job or ease up on the online shopping, Lisa’s extensive Google search showed that her best route would either be becoming a medical guinea pig or giving random companies access to her personal data.

Given that she was on a cocktail of antidepressants and therefore was not a suitable candidate when it came to testing new medicine, she’d resorted to completing government surveys.

A task that was quickly discarded when she realised she had to spend more than five minutes answering questions.

However, the worst part of answering the surveys had nothing to do with the worrisome access to her personal details and data and more so the realisation that she’d officially moved into the next age bracket.

It’s revealed that Lisa’s impending quarter life crisis had finally hit, when she found herself hesitating to click the 25 – 34 bracket – which for her, looked like one block closer to death.

More to come.


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