The girls chat is going off tonight, courtesy of an off hand remark about a friend’s relationship, it’s reported.

The four person group chat called ‘50 shades of slay’ had for the most part been a safe space for the girls to lament about their boy troubles, share various memes about mental breakdowns, and post screenshots of text messages for group analysis.

However, when a freshly coupled up Alyssa had turned to her friends for support, Britney had tentatively hinted that she didn’t quite agree with what Alyssa was saying.

This was reportedly met with a thumbs up reaction from Bec and Tegan, who’d contributed little to the conversation but were clearly invested as suggested by read receipts.

“Mitch thinks I need to spend more time on my own. Like apparently I’m too invested in him and the relationship”, complains Alyssa.

“But I just want to spend some quality time with him. I’m not clingy or anything, I give him plenty of space.”

When Britney suggested it might be healthy for Alyssa to spend more than one night a week at her own home given the relationship was still fresh, Alyssa had immediately taken personal offence.

As the undisputed alpha of the group, she’d long become used to having her opinion and rants go unchallenged as it was expected that the other three girls would agree with whatever narrative she was spinning.

“No I disagree, he really enjoys my company, I know it.” “I think maybe he didn’t get enough affection growing up?? Idk.”

This in turn led to Bec popping in a sympathetic and banal message of agreeance, before immediately exiting the chat to personally message Alyssa her real opinion on the matter.

More to come.


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