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It’s 3:00am on Betoota’s main clubbing strip and renowned extreme sports enthusiast Simon Lewison (27) has just stumbled upon his latest Adrenalin hit. He’s miles away from the OId Quarry BASE Jumping site, but what he’s about to endeavour on is equally as perilous.

“Yeah I’ll just have two slices of pepperoni, thanks mate” Simon asked the surprisingly chirpy kebab shop owner.

Kebab shop owner, Moe, was initially taken aback by Simon’s request knowing that the Pizza in question had in fact been sitting in the bay marie for approximately three years. Not wanting to lose a sale, but also not wanting to give a customer food poisoning, Moe asked Simon if he was sure about his order.

Never one to shy away from a dangerous situation, Simon doubled down on his original request and asked for even more pizza. .

“Make it four slices, brotha. Cheers brotha, ooh it’s good – bit hard, but good.” Simon said.

The Advocate caught up with Malouf shortly after the transaction took place, he was visibly confused by Simon’s choice and deeply concerned for Simon’s health.

“I couldn’t believe it, that pizza is basically decorative! That old pepperoni has been sitting there 24/7, 365 and some!”

It’s understood that Simon has since been admitted to hospital with a severe case of Campylobacteriosis, an illness caused by Campylobacter jejuni – a spiral shaped bacteria that typically grow in chickens and cows. With symptoms of fever, cramping and diarrhea lasting a week, Simon says he knew the risk, and sometimes you get wipe out. 


More to come.



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