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It has been revealed that stay-at-home interior designers might have a bit more weight to their opinion than you once thought, with social media sharing platform Pinterest now giving out degrees in interior design.

Pinterest launched in in March 2010 as a way for founder Bill Silbermann to get his wife to redesign their kitchen without him having to do anything.

The popular online platform now boasts 175 million active users, 2 billion searches per month and a Teen Choice Awards nomination for Choice Social Network.

In a recent press conference, Silbermann announced the social giant’s plan to move into the education sector, citing the fact that ‘all Pinterest users are basically experts at interior design anyway’ as their reason for making the bold move.

“We all know someone who is a massive pin-head. Maybe they have two hundred pinboards, maybe it’s two thousand. The fact is, they know what they’re doing and deserve the accreditation that tells them so.”

This announcement has led to widespread outcry amongst the interior design industry, most notably The Block judge and winner of “Most Likely to be Named After Her Dad Award” Shaynna Blaze, who stated, “stunts like this undermine the noble profession of making indoors look nice.”

Pinterest claims to have already given out 10,000 degrees of interior design to mummy bloggers and women desperately trying to get their partner to consider redoing the spare room.

There’s no word yet of what Silbermann and the team at Pinterest will be trying next although unconfirmed sources have speculated degrees in nutrition for vegan/plant-based bloggers could be on the cards.

More to come.


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