Resigning Federal Senator Sam Dastyari has today revealed that he is confident he will find work outside of politics, despite joining the Labor Party at 16 and never really working outside of the political arena in his entire life.

Dasher has announced this morning that he will not return to the Senate next year, amid questions over his links to China.

“Today, after much reflection, I’ve decided that the best service I can render to the federal parliamentary Labor Party is to not return to the Senate in 2018,” he told reporters at a media conference in Sydney today.

“I’ve been guided by my Labor values, which tell me that I should leave if my ongoing presence detracts from the pursuit of Labor’s mission.

“It is evident to me we are at that point, so I will spare the party any further distraction and look forward to working alongside some old mates from school in the Westconnex tunnel, doing a bit of formwork”

Dasher says despite burning bridges with a lot of people of the years, he still has a mate from back home that’s uncle is a pretty high contractor working on the Westconnex tunnel, and can probably get him a job.

“I’ll be fine. I’ve worn hi-vis in press shoots plenty of times”

Senator Dastyari has been under pressure to resign since allegations of misconduct first surfaced more than a year ago, when it was revealed he allowed a company owned by Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo to pay a legal bill for his office.


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