The frontman of a Sydney indie-rock band, Gang Of Youths, has today come out publicly denying any association with the Melbourne teenage criminals known as the Apex gang.

“We have done a lot of crazy shit. But stealing a Range Rover at gun point is a bit beyond rock n roll IMHO” David Le’aupepe posted to social media.

It is believed that the band, which is made up of members from a range of different ethnic backgrounds, was mistaken by the media outlet as members of the African gang.

“No we don’t associate, tour or record with the Apex gang. I would love to hear some of their stuff, though” he wrote

According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘the Apex gang’ is a term loosely applied to any male teenager of South Sudanese or Samoan heritage who has brushed the wrong side of the law.

This trend of labeling any troubled kids, that aren’t white, gang members – comes from media outlets finding it is easier to get clicks when they can present several isolated incidents as something more than it is. Like an organised criminal gang of over 1000 people aimed and stealing cars and driving them for fun.

This come just months after the online gossip magazine incorrectly published a photograph of UK rap group Section Boyz, who they identified as Apex members because they had black skin.

Daily Mail Australia used a photo of Section Boyz for a news story on gang crime


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