Local man, Palmer Grafton has spent the last couple hours making calculated comments about how nice it is outside in a blatant effort to get pissed, it has been confirmed

The South-Betoota event planner has made it clear to everyone to everyone in the office that he thinks the current weather is the type of weather that he thinks pairs well with sitting in a pub.

Over the course of the afternoon, Palmer’s thirst has gradually become more and more obvious with comments like:

“Not a bad day for it”

“Aahhh. Have a look outside. What are we doing in here?!”

“Its good beer-drinking weather”

“Jeez I’m getting thirsty”

While close friend and coworker, Pat, has no qualms about joining his good mate for a few, he says he doesn’t need to lie to him.

“Mate it’s cloudy as fuck. I’m wearing three layers” says Pat.

“This is not a beer garden kind of arvo. What are you trying to say?”

Palmer comes clean and cuts to the chase.

“My girlfriend is at the coast with the girls this weekend. I plan on tipping a million of them. Rain, hail or shine”

Patty and Palmer lived happily ever after.






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