Queensland has today revealed that when beer and red meat is involved, just about anything seems like a good idea.

With the late 2000’s trend of cook-your-own steak pubs showing no sign of becoming a tired novelty, local venue operators are revealing just how much money they’ve made from this bizarre challenge of manhood.

“We’ve had people coming here and paying us $30 to cook their own steak for ten years” says the publican of Betoota’s Lord Kidman Hotel, Michael Seymour.

“We don’t really need to pay for a chef anymore”

“I just get the glassies to wheel out a salad bar and these morons spend half an hour pretending to be experts at ‘sealing in the juices'”

“As for for the mark up. They are paying more than most people would to have some Nepalese bloke in the kitchen cook it properly”

“Most of these steaks are either overdone or underdone, but we are still getting paid a 290% margin [laughter]”

It is believed that venues around Betoota are contemplating other similar new gimmicks to cut costs, like cook-your-own-steak-and-wash-your-own-plate-afterwards night or get-your-RSA-and-pour-yourself-a-beer night.




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