Jimmy Barnes has come out publicly today to apologise on behalf of his band for ‘bringing politics into sport’ by singing the hyper-critical anti-government rock anthem ‘Khe Sanh’ at the 2015 NRL Grand Final.

This comes after former prime minister Tony Abbott took to social media to voice his concern Macklemore was bringing his personal brand of politics to the event by promising to perform his hit song Same Love, which is about same-sex marriage.

“I’m so sorry” said Jimmy Barnes.

“I should’ve known it was innapropriate to sing a song that calls-out our government for their deeply disturbing indifference to lives of young Australians – whether it be through homophobic ad campaigns, or military conscription”

Mr Barnes said he didn’t realise that sport was supposed to be completely apolitical, despite the fact that many of rugby league’s foundation clubs were started with strong links with local branches of worker’s unions and provided a range of mutual benefits funds used to facilitate working class improvement and self sufficiency.

“Had I known that Tony Abbott would have had a problem with my political sentiments, I would have not sung the most popular Australian rock song ever written”

The drama surrounding Macklemore’s performance comes amidst the same-sex marriage postal survey, and vigorous campaigning from both sides of the debate in Australia – with the No Vote being staunchly led by Tony Abbott.

But Senator Brandis argued the song “topped the charts a couple of years ago” and that it was not unusual for headline acts to play their most popular tunes at the events.

“Same Love is a fucking track” said Brandis.

“So is Khe Sanh… Let the boys play!”


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