South Betoota residents have been advised to take caution after the revelation that anyone caught messing with local Terri Jacobs will also be messing with on/off childhood friend Rebecca (Bec) Lees.

A detailed Facebook post by Lees, featuring a photo of the duo posing aggressively while showing off maximum cleavage beneath flannelette shirts, contained threats to anyone thinking of ‘messing’ with Terri would also incur an equally powerful retaliation from Bec.

Further threats included that no one should ‘mess’ with Bec after “all she’s been through” and that Lees would ‘break the face’ of anyone who would dare to ‘break her heart.’

Not all locals are taking the threat seriously. Betoota RSL bartender Merl Evers (previous boyfriend to Lees) says that for these two it’s always been an on and off relationship.

“Last week Terri told me she was gonna beat the shit out of Bec because she rooted her boyfriend or something. Bec probably did that post because she was trying to scab a ciggie off Terri. You wait, next week those two will  be back to their old shit.”

When asked to comment, Bec did not echo Evers’s sentiment.

“Yeah, nah piss off! We’re basically sisters OK? Sometimes sisters fight, big deal. Merl’s probably just pissed because I dumped him.”

“I wouldn’t listen to Merl anyway,” stated Terri. “He’s a dud root.”

Our reporters were forced to flee the scene as Bec confronted Terri about how she knew Merl was ‘a dud.’

The current situation has been downgraded but Betoota residents are advised to remain alert.


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