Police were called out to another Casino Vs Rockhampton brawl at Caloundra overnight, as bouncers proved unable to seperate a melee between two men came to blows over which town has the best beef week.

Ken Cleary (32) and Bryan North (24) were both charged with public disturbance and battery, after a 45 minute punch-on the street outside a prominent Sunshine Coast pub.

It is believed the first punch was thrown by the Casino man, Cleary, after Mr North claimed that Casino’s Beef Week was ‘laughable’.

Casino in NSW’s north is among Australia’s largest beef centre, as a regional hub of a very large cattle industry – the town positions itself as the “Beef Capital” of Australia, although the city of Rockhampton also claims this title – this rivalry is cause for many violent altercations between Queenslanders and New South Walshmen across the country.

“Bullshit. Rocky gets 20,000 visitors from across the state” Mr North was heard shouting.

“Casino is amateur hour. The only thing your town has going for it is Jeff from The Wiggles. Casino doesn’t even have a casino”

Mr Cleary was also charged with public indecency after telling Bryan North to “go fuck himself” in full earshot of several police officers

Tourism towns across the country claim the Rockhampton Vs Casino brawls are very common at this time of the year, particularly in areas that attract families from both Queensland and New South Wales.



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