A local business that seems to have a fair bit of in-store foot traffic and it’s own car park, also has a suspicious lack of signage -leading to many passers by to assume that it’s the type of place that you visit when you feel like paying someone to have sex with you.

Known only as ’22’ in the yellow pages, there appears to be no website or contact details other than a phone number that is answered by a receptionist who doesn’t give anything way either.

In fact, the only thing that differentiates this business from some of the vacant shop fronts in the area is the neon street numbers that occasionally flicker.

The light industrial area is suitably located away from schools and dining options, but still not a big walk from the local pubs – leaving it in prime position for a low key, half pissed, visit to the pros.

Nearby mechanic, Ken (66) says he’s almost certain it’s a knock shop, but does admit that he never sees any girls walking in or out.

“Must be a back door or something. I see a lot of blokes pretending to be on their phone as they walk in though”

“There’s also a lot of unmarked government cars parked out front, so that’s pretty telling”


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