Dylan Webb has to deal with a fair bit of shit.

The apprentice chef and semi-professional rugby player has to navigate his way through some unpleasant situations during his stints as a bouncer at a local Betootan Pub on the weekends.

However, much to his relief, one aspect of his job has been made slightly easier this year.

The talented athlete brought to the Dugongs on reasonable brown paper bag money still has to forcibly evict lippy Irishmen possessed by the spirit of Conor Mcgregor, and politely asked middle-aged men barely able to string a sentence together to please go home.

But, now, when he checks younger people’s ID he doesn’t have to spend much time calculating how old they are.

“It took a while, but after like a month of weekends, I figured out how easy it’s going to be as a bouncer in 2018.

The 22-year-old now only needs to see whether they were born before the year 2000, or after.

“It certainly does make my job a bit better. Just one quick glance at the license before I start doing the lie detector thing with em,” he said.

“You know. The how many drinks have you had tonight brother question when I can tell they are three or four  drinks off a spew in the beer garden.”

Webb said that it’s his favourite game to play to keep himself entertained.


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