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Cameron Young (26) can now die happy. Waking up from a night of drinking and pointless conversation, Young recalled visiting a gay club with his friends and being hit on by a man.

According to Young, as the night digressed he and his friends visited infamous Betoota Valley niteclub, The Miner’s Shaft (est. 1891), for last drinks. It was at the bar where a man approached the significantly sloshed Young and asked if he could buy him a drink.

“That’s right, he was like ‘Can I buy you a drink?’ Haha, it was SO funny! Is this how chicks feel?”

Completely flattered and pleasantly surprised the night took this turn, Young enjoyed being the subject of a sexual advance he would never reciprocate, for the short amount of time it lasted.

“He figured out I wasn’t gay when I asked if I wanted a drink and I asked for fire engine. I was panicking about what drinks they serve in these places’”

Despite having a drunken argument with one of his closest friends, seeing his ex with a new boyfriend and having his card declined in a taxi he soiled, Young maintains last night was the best of his life.

“I’m hot to gay guys! A gay guy hit on me last night. I’m hot!” he says.

The interview was brought to a sudden end when Young remembered he was hung over and vomited his last drinks and half a pide into the toilet.



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