Local clubrat, Andrew Doofman (24) has shown that he knows how to show the necessary etiquette to the brave men wearing liquorice coloured shirts this evening.

Despite spending just about every weekend for the last six years hitting the same strip of nightclubs in Betoota’s Woolclassing District, Andrew has never once been pretzeled by a seccie.

This is because he knows how to build a rapport with people who are paid to protect and sprain.

While stumbling out of the prominent nitespot, The Toot, at 4 am this morning – Andy made a point of saying thank you to bouncer who was playing on his phone at the entrance of the venue.

Despite not having once seen the bloke before that moment, and the fact that the bouncer only clocked on four hours earlier while Andy was inside, it was a good move by Andrew to puff him.

By making him feel like he owns the venue, which his how he acts.

“Thanks for having us mate” he says, while trying to briskly walk past like a normal person.

“All good bro” says the bouncer, Leon.

“See you next time” says Andrew, in what is arguably an unnecessary addition to this interaction.

“Haha. I’m sure I will” says the bouncer, still looking at his phone.

Andrew takes it a step further than he has the last few last calls.

“What’s your name bro?”

Leon responds without looking up.

“Get home safe bro”


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