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In a time when shows like Blue Heelers ruled the screens, and Mariah Carey just wanted you for Christmas, a young and unknown Cate Blanchett says she met the love of her life, the Tim Tam genie.

Yep, that’s right. The guy from that ad, all those years ago, is now married to one of the most famous actresses in the world.

Talk about finding a golden ticket on the bottom of a Tim Tam tray.

The now two time Oscar winner and seven-time nominee first appeared on our screens over 20 years ago in that random ad, and, on that fateful set, Blanchett says her and the Genie hit it off.

A couple of decades later and Blanchett says that despite reaching the giddying heights of Hollywood, she and her husband are still going steady.

Her husband Steve, (who unlike Cate) remained in anonymity for the rest of his days, and now works as a Sales Rep at Hunter’s Hill JB HiFi, when the family isn’t travelling on a private jet to Hollywood, or their countryside manor in Essex, UK.

52-year-old Steve, the former genie, told The Advocate that he also featured in a Hungry Jacks ad in 1996 and only just missed out on the ‘is Don, is Good’ ad from the same era.

“Ah what could have been aye,” he said to our European Correspondent as he herded a few sheep in the hobby farm.

“I guess I am just lucky I met Cate really. Very lucky. I mean, I’ll never really come to terms with what was missing in my career, but hey, I met a beautiful woman who’s done incredible things. My life could have been a whole lot different” he said. 

“Plus I got to hang out with Elijah Wood heaps in New Zealand.”

More to come.


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