Following a controversial week for the Australian rugby union brand, loyalists of the game are now putting all their hope in mining billionaire and alleged answer-holder, Twiggy Forrest.

This comes after yet another two losses for our domestic teams playing international sides, and of course Israel Folau making sure the only headlines the game received in this week’s news cycle was related to his views on homosexuality.

“Righto, Twiggy. You’re up” said the collective community of Australian rugby fans.

“What’s ya plan?”

This follows the early may announcement by Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest, who has promised to keep the Western Force afloat by confirming seven fixtures in 2018 that will form part of what is now being dubbed ‘World Series Rugby’.

The Force will play a series of matches from May to August in the lead-up to this year’s National Rugby Championship, where the axed Super Rugby franchise will replace the Perth Spirit.

Twiggy says he’s still got a lot to sort through, but believes a football code not based around the dorm politics of Sydney’s Catholic Boarding Schools may be good for the game.

It is believed that the first World Series team to be announced in the game will be the Alice Springs Desert Peas.




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